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If two cents from a person who is currently in "The Dip" and in the process of overcoming the "Effort Shock" count then here goes :

Sometimes the effort shock comes from the assumption that, to succeed in one particular thing you need to be "really focussed" on one thing. Let me give you an analogy of weight loss. In 2017, I had successfully reduced 36 kgs, gained most of it later, but I will share the loss journey for now.(My current Dip is not related to weight - well, yes, but mostly my current Dip is deeper and is on a higher priority). One thinks that a good clean diet is all one needs to focus on. Truth is, one needs to do multiple things (all of them right) to succeed at something, in this case - proper water intake, plenty of exercise, exercising control whenever you see junk food, conflict with your inner-self on a daily basis despite what the scale shows, and above all discipline. Even if one card falls out of place for a week, the whole card castle collapses and you need to start over. The only thing that saved the day for me was - resilience. And that is something your article emphasizes on. A recent movie that speaks galore about this particular trait is : Rudy - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108002/ , based on a real-life story of Daniel Eugene "Rudy" Ruettiger. Clearly, it missed the list of movies of training montages as it focuses more on the Effort Shock factor and less on the dramatic events that follow. The movie has a training montage scene I guess, but it does little justice to its presence. The whole movie rather does the trick. Sometimes resilience can be bordered on the verge of madness, another thing portrayed in the movie, but sometimes it works wonders. Hoping it does for me again.

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